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Join the growing movement of

Christian brothers and sisters who are honoring Christ with their bodies by losing the extra pounds...

and keeping them off for good!

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Take just the next 2 minutes to find out how this challenge can transform you for the rest of your life...

Body4Christ is a unique, risk-free, all-in-one health solution for Christians you won't find anywhere else.

Start your Body4Christ transformation today!

I'm inviting YOU to join this community of believers who are dropping an average of 35 pounds the healthy way. How?

By focusing on satisfying high-nutrient, high-energy foods while cutting out inflammatory ones, adding a matching effective exercise plan, and sticking to it - not in our own strength, but by the power of Christ who lives in us!

It can be so difficult break free from long-term habits on your own, but with the right training, a supportive coach and community, and the power of the Spirit, in 28 days you can see life-changing results like so many in our community - like Sam and Stephanie, whose testimonies you'll find below.

And they're doing it by taking on Coach Jonathan's challenge. With it you'll get everything you need along the way to achieve your ideal body weight, and do it for the glory of God.

For a limited time, you can become a lifetime member of the Body4Christ Challenge video and email course, the Body4Christ Community, and monthly group coaching calls (a $399 value package) during our FLASH summer sale for just one payment of $97 - that' over 75% off, less than a quick grocery run!

The Body4Christ Challenge

Is Designed For

BUSY Believers

You don't have countless hours to pump weight in the gym or prep, cook, and cleanup complicated meals.

You don't have tons of time and energy to memorize the ins and outs of nutrition and exercise.

You want a solution that takes the minimum amount of time for the maximum results.

That's why Body4Christ has daily videos that are an average of 5 minutes long - perfect to fit your busy day.

In those 5 minutes, Coach Jonathan packs in powerful spiritual guidance, a nutritional plan that will keep you happy, not hungry, and a simple fitness plan to match.

A Body4Christ Membership

Will Help You:

Lose body fat and find your ideal body composition, with the least amount of struggle or effort.

Experience abundunt energy again because your body is balanced and healthy - so you can do everything God has called you to.

Learn to cook and eat nutrient-rich food - and enjoy every delicious bite. No more spinach smoothies!

Get physically strong, healthy and fit! Reduce chronic inflammation, naturally boost your immune system. Something we all need after 2020!

Rediscover your God-given purpose, self-control and Spirit-empowerment to make Christ-honoring choices.

Be a part of an accountable community of Christians encouraging each other on to grow a powerful movement of true holistic health in our churches.

Here's everything you get when you join body4christ today...

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The 28-day body4christ challenge

designed to create lasting transformation in 28 days!

28-day Video Course - 5-minute daily faith, food, and fitness guide, over 3 hours of content, LIFETIME ACCESS, optimized for desktop or mobile, with daily emails to stay on track.

Effective food plan for weight loss - learn true nutrition foundations, with handouts, charts, guides, and delicious recipes.

Simple but powerful home workout plan - complements eating plan - minimum time for maximum results, no gym required!

Spiritual coaching - for a joy-filled, Spirit-empowered experience, get in shape for the right reasons, gain purpose and eternal effectiveness - no white-knuckling required!

the body4christ community

the secret ingredient to long-term success

Private Facebook group - for regular encouragement and support from your health coach and your brothers and sisters, LIFETIME ACCESS.

Monthly group coaching calls - with Coach Jonathan, get your questions answered and break through any obstacles.

A total value of $399, now only $97


"3 months ago I was really struggling with my weight, near an all-time high, and all my past attempts had failed. Then I tried out Jonathan's Body4Christ challenge, and it changed my life! The biblical encouragement, foods that leave me satisfied, and tips to supercharge my metabolism Helped me lose 35 pounds, and I'm still consistently losing more. I'm finally in control of my eating, clothes I haven't worn in years fit again, and I have loads more energy. This isn't just a diet - it's changed my life!"
- Sam, 35

"I started Body4Christ to support my husband, but I was surprised at the major results I've had. I have struggled to lose weight and get healthy for years, and every diet I've tried has been unsustainable. But Body4Christ's unique approach of spiritual and physical training has been a game-changer. My energy levels are way up, my attitude about food has changed, and I've lost over 30 pounds! My favorite part of the program is the workout demonstrations. I was inspired to do exercises I had never tried. Body4Christ isn't just for 28 days. It has set me and my husband on a healthy path for the rest of our lives!"

-Stephanie, 35

Hi, I'm Coach Jonathan.

I know how you're feeling, and I know how to help you achieve your goals.

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I know what it's like to be obese. I gained the Freshman 15, but it didn't stop there. I gained 70 pounds through my 20s and tried a long list of diets. But none of them never worked in the long term. 6 small meals per day and tons of intense cardio failed me.

I eventually gave up and was in denial, even though my wife had to run the fan at night to drown out my snoring. I was pre-diabetic, full of aches and pains, and struggling with depression.

But one day, God showed me a way back to physical, mental, and spiritual health. He introduced me to 3 things:

1. a food and fitness plan that actually worked,

2. a Biblical perspective and purpose to get healthy, and

3. a community of like-minded believers to challenge and encourage me.

In a matter of months I had lost those 70 pounds, and by God's grace I have kept them off. After getting my Masters in Divinity and my health coach certification, He inspired me to create a system to help as many Christians as I can lose weight, gain energy, and get back their health, using the same principles that helped me.

The average health coach charges $100/week one-on-one coaching sessions for many months. But I want to make this available to every Christian who wants to lose the weight, so I have made this program as affordable as possible. If finances are still a barrier, reach out at [email protected] and we'll work something out!

If you're already super-fit or not interested in spiritual matters, this challenge not for you. But if you're looking lose weight and get healthy for good, and you want to glorify God in every aspect of your life, I've made this for YOU.

14 Days to try it out risk-free.

if you don't like it, i'll refund every penny.

Look, I know how much you will love finally having a virtual personal coach right at your fingertips, but I understand everyone's unique and some may experience more results than others.

That's why I guarantee you'll love this training and get REAL results right away if you put in the work - or it's no cost to you. Cancel at any time, for any reason, just by emailing our team at [email protected] Easy as that! I know how hard it is to find real quality training, so I don't want to waste anyone's time.

hurry! The special summer discount won't last long:

Still have questions? Here's the FAQ:

What is your nutrition and fitness philosophy?

Nutrition and fitness recommendations are based on the Primal philosophy, a subset of Paleo. Low-carb, healthy foods are paired with low-level aerobic fitness, bodyweight workouts, and occasional sprints. It is also a lifestyle, which is mindful of stress, sleep, sunlight, and modern challenges.

Do you provide meal plans or medical advice?

No, the Body4Christ Challenge does not provide meal plans or medical advice, either in the course or in a community setting. The coach's role is to provide general guidance for nutrition and fitness, and an array of recipe suggestions are given to help follow that guidance.

What if I don't need to lose weight? Can this still help me?

Yes! The Body4Christ Challenge is about so much more than weight loss. It's about longevity, avoiding diseases, increased energy, and most of all, it's about WHY we shape our lifestyles the way we do. If you want to honor God in every aspect of your body, and learn how to eat and workout in ways that will keep you active well past your "prime," then this challenge is a great investment for your future.

What do the 28 days actually look like?

Here's a week-by-week overview:
Week 1: Foundations. The first 7 days are focused on setting the foundation. This week, you'll learn the Biblical foundations of caring for your body: of our God as Creator, Purpose-Giver, Joy-Giver, and Spirit-Empowerer. We'll dial in the nutrition and set up a healthy food mindset and way of eating, with a bonus recipe in the kitchen at the end of each week. And we'll run through the basics of fitness, learning the weekly schedule of essential movements in cardio, bodyweight training, and sprints.

Week 2: Diving Deep. The next 7 days build on the first. Spiritually, we're going to focus on internalizing God's truth, gain new perspective on life, and practice thankfulness. For nutrition, we will go deeper into how our bodies work and why Primal, slow-carb eating is the best for us. And for fitness, we are going to repeat our new routine but increase the challenge and variety.

Week Three: The Next Level. Habits are beginning to form, and in week 3 we put them to the test. Spiritually, we press deeper into God's joy and take on a fasting challenge. The course goes deeper this week into nutrition and prepares for trying out "going keto." And for fitness, we cement our new habits but also focus on lifestyle and spending time outdoors in God's creation.

Week 4: Transformation. In Week Four, we turn up the intensity, see how far we've come, and plan for a lifetime of continued healthy habits. Spiritually, we talk about the Gospel and review the key foundations to our Biblical mindset on our bodies. For nutrition, we turn up the heat with an optional test of going into ketosis for those who are ready. And for fitness, we continue new variations and measure loss in fat, gains in strength, and see just how much we have changed in just one month.

Does the Bible really have anything to say about food and fitness?

Yes! But it doesn't lay out an exact plan. Instead, it addresses the deeper issues of the heart, aligning our desires and purposes with Christ's, "offering our bodies as a living sacrifice" as our spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:1). You'll find much more in each Body4Christ video!

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